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India is one of the fastest growing market for Defence and Space sector. Defence And Space Exports Pvt. Ltd (MAW), is part of the BIGSHOWS Group of companies, is well positioned to leverage rapidly emerging opportunities in Defence & Space sector. MAW is registered supplier for State, Central and Defence forces. MAW has joined hands with international partners like Airbus Defence & Space, Italspazio Italy, Gencom technology and Sensytouch USA to cater wider range of products and services for Indian Defence Industry.

MAW is an emerging company in the areas of satellite communications, broadcasting and system integrator (SI) at both national and international levels. The company has always strived to deliver the cutting edge in technology and product depending on the customer need and as per industry standard compiled with professionalism and impeccable performance. MAW has a strong presence in ASIAN Defence and Space Industry and playing a very important role as Supplier for many DPSU’s.

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